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Our Global Network

Patent International helps you protect your intellectual property around the world through our global network of expert patent attorneys.


About us

Patent International is a team of globally recognized leaders in patenting and intellectual property solutions. We bring you comprehensive IP protection services via our network of worldwide top-tier firms.


We work with and provide expert legal advice to individuals, businesses, law firms, academic institutions, and government agencies regarding:

  • Research and development
  • IP protection strategies
  • Patent filing processes
  • Patent marketing
  • Patent renewals
  • …and much more
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Leading Innovations into the Future

Our Services

International Patent Search

Is my innovation patentable? To enhance the patentability of your innovation, learn what currently exists and create around it.

International Patent Translation

Get your patent application translated into any language under one roof to apply for a wider, global protection of your patent.

International Patent Filing

Preparing your patent drafts, translating them into required languages, filing them locally or internationally as per the best global standards and processes - we’ve got you covered.

International Patent Prosecution

In cases of nullity or patent opposition, our team of legal experts will help defend your patent to protect your innovative ideas and inventions.

International Patent Annuity

Maintain the protection of your intellectual property through its entire lifecycle through our patent annuities and renewal services.

International Patent Licensing

Leverage your international patents for profits by safely licensing them to third parties for commercial use for a limited time.

International Patent Valuation

Know the real market worth of your patent or patent portfolio through our data-driven patent valuation to unlock the complete potential of your patents.

Why Choose

Patent International

Patent International is a premier intellectual property protection solutions provider.

  • A global network of highly qualified legal attorneys with specializations in each industry
  • Reduction in administrative burden through comprehensive and complete international patenting services under one roof
  • Wholesale negotiated lowest rates for the translation, filing, and prosecution of patents anywhere in the world
  • Data-driven and technology-infused solutions for online management of patents and patent portfolios
  • Dedicated portfolio managers to provide guidance, support, and complete management of assets
  • Free expert advice with no additional attorney fees
Need of patent

Why Patent My Invention?

If you or your R&D team have come up with a novel innovation, invented a new solution, then it needs patenting. It helps you:

  • Protect your invention from being copied or stolen
  • Put an end to unauthorized manufacturing of your product
  • Stop unauthorized sales and purchase of your invention
  • Acquire exclusive rights and privileges over the use of your product
  • Gain recognition as the owner and inventor
  • Commercialize and leverage your innovation for monetary profit

Is your Intellectual Property (IP) secured?

Confused about what to do, how to do and when to do it? You’ve come to the right place. With a competitive pricing model and highly qualified global network of verified attorneys, our team answers all your patent related queries.

Industries we serve

Our attorneys and technical personnel are competent legal practitioners with degrees in a variety of technological subjects. We serve a number of industries, including:

See why getting your idea patent is important?

Our Process

Patenting your invention and protecting your intellectual property has never been easier. Patent International aims to reduce your administrative burden through a simple process:

Step 1

1. A dedicated portfolio manager to coordinate everything for you to help you with patent drafting, filing, prosecution, valuation, and licensing

Step 1

Step 2

2. You receive a single package of documents to sign and provide all the instructions and information – less paperwork for everyone

Step 2

Step 3

3. Exclusive access to an online folder to keep track of all relevant documents stored in one place

Step 3

Step 4

4. No worrying about your patent statuses and deadlines with an online filing tracker and regular updates from your portfolio manager

Step 4


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