Innovation is critical while competing in the everyday expanding global market. That’s why patent protection is so crucial: it prevents product idea theft and offers your business a competitive advantage.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), your intellectual assets are protected only in the country where the patent is granted. However, with the modern advancements in the global market, you surely want protection that gives you extended coverage.

If you wish to defend your patent in other markets, you must plan and get your patent documentation translated. This is the first step towards global protection.

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What is Patent Translation?

Patent translation includes drafting important application documents in the language of regions of interest. The following documents must be translated:

  • Patent specifications
  • Office activities
  • Lawyer communication
  • And any other information needed throughout the patent application and filing procedure

Patent documents have a distinct writing style that necessitates the use of a highly professional and experienced translation. In addition, it necessitates a high level of language competency, a thorough awareness of technical vocabulary, and a comprehensive knowledge of legal terminology.

At Patent International, we have a network of expert patent translators to produce highly reliable and accurate legal documents for your global IP protection.

What's Important?

When Should You Hire a Patent Translator?

Every country has its system of patents. Therefore, if you desire exclusive rights in a foreign nation, you must file your application in that country. In addition, patent translation services are required since your patent specification and other relevant documents must be written in the target country’s language.

If your original patent application is in English, your documents must be translated into your target country’s language. However, if the official language of the intended country is English, then there is no need for patent translation.

Patent International helps you understand your patent translation needs by masterfully translating your documents in various languages to provide you with maximum global protection.

The difference

Information Translation vs. Filing Translation

There are two forms of patent translation in general:

  1. Patent translation for filing
  2. Patent translation for information.

It may be difficult to distinguish between the two, but selecting the best translation service is critical. The audience and goal of filing and information translation are the most significant distinctions.

A patent translation for filing will serve as your official record during the patent application process. Their target audience includes legal experts, patent authorities, and patent licensees, all responsible for reviewing your application. Therefore, these materials must be translated clearly and succinctly.

On the other hand, patent translation for information is used in legal proceedings for already granted patents. Therefore, patents translated for this purpose must be similar to the original documents in content, style, and sequence.

The Importance

How important is it to have a high-quality translator?

Patent translation is a difficult and time-consuming undertaking. A sloppy translation might risk or delay the whole patent application procedure. Patents are quite powerful, and they aren’t the same as any other paper. Patent translation necessitates a flawless mastery of both languages, subject matter experience, and extensive legal and industry terminology knowledge.

Patent International’s translators with advanced training can promptly deliver accurate documents with high-quality translations at affordable prices.

Why us?

Why choose us for patent translations?

Patent translation is the most demanding in translations. It requires a great amount of effort and expertise. Patent International provides comprehensive consultation regarding your patent translation needs and produces top-quality documents in various languages to protect your patents worldwide.