Our patent valuation services evaluate the monetary value of your patent so you can foresee its impact on R&D processes, revenue, rights, and reputation. It is vital to evaluate your patent to sell it, license it or go for any commercial arrangement for your IP.

Patent valuation also comes in handy during the enforcement of your patent rights, internal management, and other financial processes. Moreover, the demand for efficient patent valuation services has increased in the past few years due to the rising number of disputes and claims.

Patent International patents offer valuation services in a variety of industries. Our expert team uses different competitive methodologies to provide the correct assessment of your intellectual property.

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An IP asset must be eligible for valuation according to the following criteria:

  • It must have a separate, identifiable, and recognizable description
  • Tangible evidence is required to prove the existence of an IP asset, for instance, a registration, license, financial statement, etc.
  • The time of creation should be identifiable.
  • It should be eligible for legal enforcement and transfer.
  • It should have an identifiable income stream separate from that of other business assets.
  • It should be eligible to be sold individually without other business assets.
  • It should have an identifiable time of termination.

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What's Important?

Our Valuation Processes

Preparing a formal patent valuation report is a complex process necessary during the sale, intercompany transfer, or licensing of the technology. A stakeholder needs patent valuation to assess the actual worth of the patent.

Different processes of patent valuation require detailed analysis and careful considerations. At Patent International, we resolve these complexities through the most updated valuation methods. Our process starts with in-depth communication with the patent owner and company management regarding their technology or product’s financial background and projections.

We specifically pay attention to small details such as whether similar technologies are licensed in the industry. The detailed information enables us to produce a comprehensive financial analysis to determine the patent value.

Our patent valuation services meet and exceed industry standards. We continually enhance our methodologies to meet the high expectation of our clients. Our specialists work with the following methods to develop a defensible assessment of your patents.

➔ Income method

The income method is the most popular way to evaluate patents. It determines the value of your intellectual properties according to the income that a patent is expected to generate. The expected income is then adjusted to its present value. This is the easiest way for IP assets with positive cash flows, whose future cash flows can be projected with reliability, and where a risk proxy can be used to acquire discounted rates.

➔ Cost method

The cost method evaluates a patent by calculating the cost of similar IP assets. This particular method is helpful for the patents that can be easily reproduced and whose economic benefits cannot be quantified accurately.

➔ Market method

Under similar circumstances, the market method compares the actual price for transferring the right to a similar patented product. It is a simple method used according to the available market information. Therefore, we often use this patent valuation method to establish estimated values in determining tax, royalty rates, and inputs required for the income method.

What do we do?

We Prepare You for the Valuation

Regardless of the method we use for patent valuation, much information is required about the IP asset to carry out the process. We also need an in-depth understanding of the relevant industry, economy, and specific business that directly impacts the patent’s value. This information is obtained through background research and an event-driven audit of the intellectual property. At Patent International, our experts work collaboratively with you to gather this information to produce a comprehensive analysis for the valuation process.