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Israel is a business hub and its economy is growing steadily with new businesses entering the marketplace. There are new inventions being patented which ultimately make the environment more competitive. It is important to protect your intellectual property from others to achieve exclusivity.

To understand the patent registration process in Israel, let us discuss it in detail.

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Patent registration services in Israel

Following a first-to-file system, businesses and individuals alike must be quick to file for a patent so that they can attain legal protection against counterfeiters. It is very important to keep the invention a secret unless you secure a patent for it. To register a patent in Israel, the applicant can file an application through Israel Patent Office.

The application can also be filed under Paris Convention or PCT.

Types of Patents

Types of Patents in Israel

Israel Patent Office issues three types of patents: invention patents, utility patents, and industrial designs patents. Plant genes can also be patented but specific ones, those that are according to Israel’s law. To ensure successful patent registration, there are several requirements that you must understand beforehand. These include:

Inventive: The invention must not be known from a technical point of view (as a solution).

Novelty: Should be completely new in the public domain. 

Utility/Industrially applicable: Should be economically and socially applicable.

In Israel, some inventions not eligible for a patent, which include mathematical algorithms or models, treatments of animals and humans, use of human embryos for manufacturing or commercial purposes, mental concepts or processes, artistic creations, plans or schemes, principles or theories, other solutions that are contrary to social interests or principles of humanity and morality, computer programs, and plant varieties (this pertains to genetically modified, sexually produced plants)

There are two types of patents:

  • Utility Patent: One of the most common types of patents, these contain all the technical information about the invention and the necessary information on how to use it. 
  • Industrial Design Patent: These contain graphical representations of the invention along with its industrial application.

How to register a Patent in Israel?

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If you do not search before filing an application, chances are that you might end up filing for a wrong patent type. A search will enable you to know different types of patents and the possible reasons for the rejection of applications. This will help you perfect your application to ensure it gets accepted.

To avoid any problems with the application and types of patents, it is advisable to utilize a patent search service by an attorney or agent especially if you are new to it.

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Step 2


To register for a patent in Israel, the official language for the application is English or Hebrew. If the applicant files in another language, a translation must be provided within 3 months otherwise the application will be rejected.

The applicant is obliged to disclose by way of an Information Disclosure Statement (IDS), any information that could be considered to be material to a determination of patentability of the claimed invention. This duty extends to an applicant’s legal representative and anyone involved in the registration of the application.

If the application is missing any of the document, a notice will be sent to the applicant to complete the application in due time. The application requirements are:

  • The application fees;
  • Request to grant a patent;
  • Specifications and details of the patent;
  • Drawings (description of the invention);
  • Power of Attorney (Signed digital copy)
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Step 3


After the application is filed, the authority conducts a formal examination and substantive examination. The applicant does not have to request for an examination, the application is automatically examined for any inaccuracy in respect to the application itself and pertaining to already registered similar or identical patents. 

If the application does not meet the required documentation, a notice is sent to the applicant to provide the documents in due time, failing to do so will result in the registration getting delayed or ultimately rejected.

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Step 4


If all the requirements are met, the application gets published in the Gazette for 90 days, open to opposition.

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Step 5


During the publication of the patent, any party can object by filing an opposition. If this happens, the applicant has to respond with relevant arguments to win the decision for registration. If the applicant fails to provide proper proofs, the application will be rejected. 

Step 5

Step 6


If there is no opposition or if any objection posed is resolved, the patent gets granted and a notice of allowance is given to the applicant. 

The entire patent process takes around 2-4 years on average but can take even longer depending on the complexity of the patent.

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Price of Patents

Patent registration cost in Israel

Obtaining a patent can be time-consuming and a costly feat as well but looking at the benefits, it can save up huge costs in the long term through legal rights. The cost of obtaining a patent varies depending on the legalities involved. In Israel, the cost of obtaining a patent goes anywhere from $500 to $5000 or more, depending on the number of claims and the legal fees.

Age of Patents

How long does a patent last in Israel?

Patents in Israel are valid for 20 years from the date of filing. The first maintenance fees for 1-6 years must be paid within three months from the decision to grant a patent. All further maintenance fees are to be paid every 4 years. The maintenance fees may also be paid for the whole patent validity term at once.

Even though the process is time consuming, the overall protection and rights obtained through a patent compensate for everything, giving you exclusivity and ownership.

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