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You need to have a competitive edge in order to survive in the market place. One way of getting competitive is by making your own invention. To protect your intellectual property, you need to obtain a patent. Markets everywhere are becoming saturated and it is becoming hard for organizations to survive. Likewise, Nigeria is additionally turning into an economy where organizations are contending consistently with different items and administrations. 

We need to have a look in order to understand the patent registration process in Nigeria.

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Patent registration services in Nigeria

For patents, a first-to-file system is followed. In that capacity, you have to file first to ensure your invention gets a patent before someone else can come up with an identical invention. To register a patent in Nigeria, the applicant can file an application online through the Trademarks, Patents and Designs Registry, Commercial Department of the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment.

Types of Patents

Types of Patents in Nigeria

There are two broad categories of patents in Nigeria. PCT or conventional patents and non-conventional patents. Several requirements before obtaining a patent must be understood:

Novelty: If the invention is already present in the market, it cannot be patented. The invention must not be in the public domain at the time of filing. 

Utility: If the invention cannot be used in industries or if it does not fulfill what it claims, it will not be eligible for a patent.

There are various inventions that are not qualified for a patent, and these include numerical calculations or models, mental ideas or cycles, imaginative manifestations, plans, standards or speculations.

There are two types of patents:

  • PCT or Conventional Patents: These patent applications cater to patents that are already registered in more than one country. These mostly contain utility and design patents under it.
  • Non-Conventional: This means that the patent is undergoing registration for the first time in the country of invention.

How to register a Patent in Nigeria?

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With everything throughout the planet, licenses have intricacies also. You need to look for enrolled licenses to see the different types and possible reasons for rejections. It is prescribed to utilize a patent registration service by a lawyer or specialist in case you are unpracticed.

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Step 2


The official language to file an application is in English. If any other language is used then a translation may be asked by the Patent Registry. The application requirements are:

  • The application fees;
  • Specifications and details of the patent;
  • Drawings (when necessary, for example a design);
  • Priority document (if applicable);
  • Proof of application payment fee;
  • Claims.
Step 2

Step 3


After the application is filed, it is checked for formal examination. Substantive examination is not carried out and if the applicant wants a substantive examination, then the Convention countries might be requested to conduct it.

If there is any problem with the application or if the examiner needs additional documentation, a notice is sent to the applicant.

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Step 4


Once the application is checked formally, it is published in the Registry for 90 days.

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Step 5


The patent is granted registration and a notice is sent to the applicant. 

The entire patent registration process in Nigeria typically takes around 12 months.

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Price of Patents

Patent registration cost in Nigeria

Depending on how complex your invention is, the cost can increase or decrease. The cost of obtaining a patent in Nigeria ranges from $200 to $1000.

Age of Patents

How long does a patent last in Nigeria?

Patents in Nigeria last for 20 years, but a maintenance fee has to be paid annually. Failure to do so will cause the registration to be canceled.

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