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The Philippines has great business development providing a variety of new products and services. To be on the verge of the developmental era, inventing new products can help attain a position in the market. If someone invented a new product or a universal design, its security is important which can be gained by getting a patent for your new invention.

To have in-depth knowledge about the patent registration process in the Philippines, let’s dig into the information.

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Patent registration services in Philippines

To get your invention secured, the Philippines needs you to get a registration for a patent so that no one can copy it. For the registration process in the Philippines, the country has provided the applicants’ online access at The Intellectual Property Office of The Philippines

Types of Patents

Types of Patents in Philippines

Two types of the patent are provided in the Philippines, these types include invention patent and industrial design patent. Before getting a patent, you need to understand its requirements first. 


All the things available in the market can’t be licensed. To be eligible for a patent it requires to be unique. Applying for a patent means asking for its novelty.

The development/invention design is the patent

Inventions come with the meaning of a solution for any technical problem. Patents for Inventions include a machine, a device, a product, or any process. The condition for becoming patentable in the Philippines is that the solution should be new, unique, and useful in terms of industrial use. 

Industrial design patent:

Such designs give a new look to their products. It could be of different shapes and designs, 2 dimensional, 3- dimensional, or can be of both combinations.

Although, there are various designs that are not applicable to becoming a patent. These include those decorations which are not part of new designs, a test design, or anything harmful for the public in terms of health.

How to register a Patent in Philippines?

Step 1


Like other things, patents are also complex. To get the patent, you should be aware of its types and rejection risks. Inexperienced people are suggested to gather enough information from authentic people before applying for the registration. (Like a registered attorney)

Step 1

Step 2


The application can be accessed online through the website or can be filled at the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. You need to submit a registration fee along with the form. It can be accessed at the official Philippine IPO website. After the submission of the following documents, the process will begin. The following requires obtaining the filling date.


  1.  Filled Request Form for a Philippine Patent grant;
  2. For Residents, the name, address, and signature of applicants are required while for non-resident applicants, the name and address of their resident agent are required;
  3. Details and descriptions of new inventions and claims to support it.

Other requirements, that don’t need to obtain a filing date, are:

  1. A fee for filing (It can be paid during filing of form or can be paid within one month)
  2. Diagrammatic representation is necessary to better understand the invention
  3. A written abstract
  4. Details of the claim (Only if applicable)
Step 2

Step 3


An examination of the patent application is performed by the examiner to determine if all the requirements are fulfilled by the applicant for filling the date grant. It is important because, in case of any dispute, the right of the patent is given according to the rule of “first-to-file”.

Step 3

Step 4


The proceeding undergoes the publication of the application for 18 months under IPO Gazette so that the person can present their observations by writing in the concern of invention patentability. The applicant can respond to it via writing.  

Step 4

Step 5

Request for examination:

This request form is needed to be filed within six months of publication. If the applicant fails to do so, the application will be withdrawn. If the applicant faces rejection due to any underlying reason, the examiner is supposed to give the reason for rejection. Also, the applicant will get the chance to defend the application.
Step 5

Step 6

The decision of Registration

After all the process and defense of the application or any improvements, a decision is made to grant the registration for the patent. And if there is no defense from the applicant, the application will be refused.

Step 6
Price of Patents

Patent registration cost in Philippines

The optimal cost for patent registration in the Philippines is the basic $90.90 fee. But if further claims are required it will cost $7.58 per claim. The examination fee for the substantive requests will cost $88.38. While the professional fee cost is $400.00.

Age of Patents

How long does a patent last in Philippines?

Patents in the Philippines last for 20 years. A grant fee for patent registration in the Philippines is due within four months from the Notice of Allowance.

Maintenance fees are paid in advance, on or before each anniversary of the filing date. A grace period of 6 months can also be given on request but a fee must be paid for late payment.

It is vital for businesses to understand the extent of which a patent protects the owner’s invention(s). It helps in establishing authenticity and exclusivity. 

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