Our Global Network

Patent International helps you protect your intellectual property around the world through our global network of expert patent attorneys.

Patent International provides the nation’s leading patent services for your intellectual property. Our team of experts secures hundreds of patents annually for some of the largest and most innovative companies worldwide.
With a profound focus on an all-encompassing suite of patent preparation and prosecution services, we have developed long partnerships with the most reliable firms in various industries. We serve as a trusted extended member of our clients’ establishment, working seamlessly to protect and build their intellectual properties.


Our Patent Services Highlights


High-End Services at Affordable Prices

Our specialized resources and advanced technical support enable us to manage a high volume of cases and diverse portfolios with utmost efficiency. Moreover, we are experienced even in the least frequently encountered disciplines of intellectual property litigation as required by clients who run certain complex aspects of business operations.

However, we provide our superior services at very affordable rates to cater to all clients. With decades of experience working with IP firms across the globe, we have negotiated wholesale rates for patenting to provide you with world-class services at affordable prices. Our service model established processes, and firm structure enables us to offer sophisticated patent proficiency at the most competitive rates in the industry.